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Default Weather 12-18-17

Monday morning and the forecast was right. We had more ice fog over the weekend, and the big lake was steaming up like crazy on Saturday, inland lakes are making ice pretty good. Milder temps on Sunday and warmer today with a light mist is settling the snow down well. Another day of this tomorrow and we can see if it is worth going out to pan the trails down at all. No big snow in the immediate forecast, and the rest of the week is =going to be in the mid-20s. If we can get one storm through our area we may be in biz for x-mas new years week.
Stay tuned for more info and I will try to get some pics mid-week.

The Late week forecast is changing every 6 hours, so the next few days will see it develop. A day ago it was looking like Straits were going to get decent snow, but teh models are now pushing that snow further South. Give it a ew days before you start believing anyone on this storm it is giving the forecasters fits.
-- Neil
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