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Default Re: Trail Conditions 12-10-09

The groomer returned a short time ago, and stated that things are looking pretty good out there, especially for the first run of the season. Iggy received another 2-3" today, and he stated that there was 20" in the woods A ways North of Moran, to up by Trout Lake. The snow was fabulous for packing down a base - things looked great out there.

The core loop was panned down today, and after some service at the shop, the groomer is going to make another trip tomorrow evening.

The Carp River Truck Trail, from Brevort North to the Huckleberry Rd is being plowed by the loggers. We will do what we can, but until the ground fully freezes, it may have some sand showing, like today.

NOTICE: the gate between the pipeline and Dam road is still closed, we are working on getting it opened up.
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