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Default Re: Brushing & Signing 2017

The big theme to yesterday was water. Water everywhere, both in the air, and on the ground. Ken said his cabin saw more the 6" of rain last week.
The creeks were running full, ditches and woods just flooded out.

First we see Connor inspecting the flow of a culvert just outside of Trout Lake. Like alot of places, this area is not a creek, just a equalization culvert and I have never see water flowing like there here.
Next we see a place where the beavers have plugged an important culvert solid.. again. I had it cleaned 3 weeks ago, and will have to get an excavator up there again.
Next you will see a place where there was no ditch, no creek, yet there was probably over 250 gal/min pouring out of the woods onto the trail. And since the trail was a little dished out here, it was running down the trail over a mile before it was finding it was off.
Never fear, we took looked back to our youth, and me and the boys used our heels to cut a small channel over teh bank, then placed a rock and small tree in the trail. In about 15 minutes 85% if the water was cutting through its new channel that was 8" deep and 2 feet wide. It was unbelievable how much was racing across the trail here where I have never seen water before.
-- Neil
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