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Default Brushing & Signing 2017

WOW! Summer disappeared on me, and now Sept is half over! Of course we had 3 nice days this summer, and this weekend is better then all of them combined! As to that, time to start thinking of winter activities!

This thread is your one stop shop for our bushing & signing for this year, 2017.

For a number of years we stated that unless something strange happens, our official dates will ALWAYS be the 3rd, and 4th Saturday of October. That means that this year our brushing Saturdays are supposed to be October 21st and 28th.

----------------------- General Info -----------------------

If you have never been to a brushing weekend, head on up for a good time, with some hard work, and interesting stories! An appreciation gathering will be Saturday evening at a local tavern, with dinner drinks and tall tales.

We have most of the tools we will need, but if you have a favorite chainsaw or screw gun bring it for a bit of a workout.

On Saturday, optional meeting at the truck stop, 7am for breakfast.
Meet 8am at the Super 8 on US-2 in St. Ignace to load up and head out on assignments.

Rooms discounts will be available at the Super 8 & Budget Host for those helping out.

We load up, and hit it hard and sign of our trail system in one day. Some brushing needs are met too as of course, there are also always trees to be killed! We work hard, then we will play hard and have dinner afterwords at a local tavern.

Thanks to all those who do so much for our club & the program in general.
Lets get a roll call going and see who we will partying or um, working with.
See ya soon.
-- Neil
VP Straits Area Snowmobile Club

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