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Default Re: Kathy going to U of M Hospital

the little bit of positive progress today. She has had a couple of bowel movements in the last 2 days and has been passing some gas. They took the tube out of her nose and belly today. They have basically been giving her Fluids and some nutrition to IVs. For the last 3 days she has only took and sips of water and some ice cubes that is it. Realized this girl has not eaten any food since a week ago Wednesday. I have been basically going to see her two days in a row and then come home for 2 days. I am going to see her tomorrow after work and I will stay until I can bring her home hopefully very soon. I know she is very frustrated and your anxiety kicks in when that happens. Telling her to be strong and hang in there I know it's easier said than done but she's doing an alright job. Patience that's what we need sometimes that's hard to do.
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