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Default Kathy going to U of M Hospital

As most of you know that are regularly on this form and are friends of ours. Kathy has been battling Crohn's disease for over 3 years. We have known part of her small intestine pain has been inflamed and unable to get a camera through it. But we found out 2 weeks ago that the part of small intestine as scar tissue. So this Friday she is going down to U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor. And the doctors are going to take out that part of her small intestine. It is about a two-hour surgery with four to five day stay in the hospital. She will have 8 to 12 weeks of restriction after the surgery . She will still have to take medication for her Crohn's disease but hopefully she can keep it under control and maybe get it to go into remission . Your thoughts and prayers are needed for us in the next few weeks. We know she is in good hands but it's still a scary situation. Thank you.
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