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Default Weather 10/04/17

Well the summer has just flew buy - if we really had one as I could not tell. September is gone, and October is chugging along already. Brushing & signing is only a couple weeks away, and before you know it we will be sitting down for Thanksgiving while watching the 8-3 Lions take on the Vikings, then the trails will open a week later!
Personally I tried to cut down on work this summer, but apparently it did not matter and it disappeared on me. The weather did not help to me it seemed like it was always cold and rainy. Historical weather shows just that, and St. Ignace only recorded 1 day in June over 80d. July and August had no days over 80! September had 6, all in one stretch, and here in October we are back to the 60s again. Does this bode a cold winter? An early snow? Can we at least have a normal year??? Who knows. Just thought I would toss a quick Hi out there and say it is starting to feel like fall, some trees are beginning to turn, as well as our minds.
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