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Snow VP 12-12-2016 08:16 PM

Weather Conditions 12-12-16
Sorry that my first December report is so late, I've been working non-stop for the last 2 months, and in all reality I've let December start to slip away. (Yes Christmas shopping will begin on Dec 23rd this year!)

The Iggy area has slowly started to get on the snow bandwagon over the last couple of days. Prior to this weekend there was nothing really around, and the ground was not frozen at all. Over the weekend we did pick up a little snow and is it getting colder out. While working today I was finding about 1/2" of frost in the yards, and about 10" in a road out in Moran.

Forecast has the bottom dropping out of the temps after tomorrow, supposed to get bitter cold for a few days, which will drive the frost down just like we need - the slim snow cover is a good thing at the moment. A few nights of single digit temps, and then let the snow fly.

Snow forecast is showing 3-8" accumulation before the weekend, and then some over the weekend to add to it. Groomers are in having oil changed tomorrow and for the most part are ready to roll. We have a standing 3" on the ground right now, and I want to see another 6-8" more before going out as this stuff is all lake effect fluffy stuff. Once we get enough to compact town to a good 2" on-trail we will out out and drive the frost deeper into the ground and get that ever-popular trail base developing.

Things are looking better then last year so far. Here is hoping that we will have ridable trails before Christmas. Think Snow!g.

Bill 12-13-2016 10:52 AM

Re: Weather Conditions 12-12-16
Thanks for the update Neil. :thanx2[1]

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