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Snow VP 12-31-2015 12:19 PM

Trail Conditions 12-31-15
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Last day of the year, I only have time for a quick update.

Trails are OK. OK for a first snowfall, with little frost in the ground. The snow came in a huge windstorm in a 12 hour period, and the result is a ton of trees down out there. Storm totals were about 8" in Iggy, 10 in Moran & Epoufette and 12 in Trout Lake. Snow was wetter towards the lake, and dryers further North, which means it all is packing down to between 2 and 3" on the trail. It isn't bonded to the ground yet, nor is there any base ice, so any snow traffic at all is gonna tear it up completely, but it is what it is.

Along with low snow, there is a ton of truck and atv traffic out, so be on the lookout for vehicles and ruts.

As of right now, Iggy to TL, down to Brevort as all been panned down. The groomer is in Brevort at this moment, and will be doing the West loop after 3pm. Castle Rock and Round lake roads, have been covered with groomer, (no drag) and Cedarville trail will not be covered for a couple of days.

The groomer reports all the trails are snow covered, Hay Lake just north of Iggy it thin but passable, but the fields just South of Moran are thin enough to avoid.

We have gotten most of the trees on our groomed routs. Be on the lookout for areas that we have not covered. There is some logging going on on the Cut river trail, they are plowing. We will see how bad that is after the groomer goes through. Dave reported the water holes are drying up, but there are still some spots out there.

Early season riding conditions. You guys know the drill.

If you go out, be safe, and have a good time. Remember if you are going out tonight, make sure you use the FREE SHUTTLE anywhere in the Iggy area. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!

You know you want it... time for some trail candy:
We have pics of the groomers first trip out of town. I am showing the dept of snow on the trail in iggy.

Cousin Kenny sent in a crazy pic of one of the downed trees on the Cut River trail: Thank you so much for taking the time to help Jimmy D. clean that up (and the reports that I get from your ride. Which brings us to Kenny, Matt and Hunter on the first official ride out of Iggy.

Go Fast or Go Home 12-31-2015 01:54 PM

Re: Trail Conditions 12-31-2015
Thanks Neil.

Four of us may head up on Monday, not sure yet. We'll pack a couple of bow saws and clear what we can in case we run into downed trees or brush.


ToddMeister 01-03-2016 09:57 AM

Re: Trail Conditions 12-31-2015
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Jeff and I rode the trails on Thursday. Overall not too bad, a bit thin in spots and a few water holes to navigate.

Here's a few pics of the Turbo Twins on the Camp road near the pipeline...

The new sleds are running great, a bit rich on the mixture, but we can do some adjustments to the fuel controller.

conniver04 01-04-2016 10:18 AM

Re: Trail Conditions 12-31-2015
Well overall not as bad weekend. The trails are getting beat but there is some riding to be had. The was next to no traffic in town but as we got north there was more. Be careful on the pipeline as there are 3 big waterholes starting to freeze but we still broke through. As Neil said the cut river trail is being logged from where the cutoff to the bridge is to the cut off to town. It was plowed but still passable but not good for long. The truck trail was beat down pretty good but still passable. Overall a good start but we need some snow to make it good. It was about the same all the way through Trout Lake and up to Strongs. Just about everywhere you will still hear some rocks and such and the corners are a bit loose but as Neil said its early season riding. Lets hope for some snow this coming week. I wanna come back but without new snow I will have to wait.:letitsnow

Oh btw I love my new MXZX 1200! Great sled!

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